It all started in 1989 in Michigan with a small pickup, one commercial mower,  one trimmer, and an old snowmobile trailer. I never really intended to start a business, let alone see it grow. While in college, I bought my first mower to cut my dad's lawn during a very hot summer. From that very modest beginning, I began acquiring more work, mainly from referrals. 
Over the years I have maintained a variety of lawns; from very small residential properties to multiple-acre commercial sites. I like to work closely with my clients by being on-site for every job, every time. I have a philosophy of cutting only when needed. If it's too dry and the lawn doesn't need cutting, I don't cut. If I have any doubt, I contact the client first. Many services don't do this!
My goal is to establish a long-term rapport, by acquiring and retaining a core group of customers, offering personalized service, with attention to the smallest of details, and creating cutting schedules to meet your needs.  
My motto has always been - "We're not one of the biggest ~ Just one of the best!" I don't try to compete with the large, or even the mid-sized competitors in the area. We are a small, owner-operated service, specializing in small to medium sized jobs. I have no doubt that you'll be pleased with our work!
Cutting Edge Lawn Care, L.L.C. is licensed and insured.

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